We are currently seeking sponsors for Harlem Biennale. There is a one time opportunity to become a Founding Sponsor this year. There are also a range of opportunities available for Presenting Sponsors, Official Partners, Project Sponsors and Preferred Providers. We have a range of flexible investment options, which will provide a variety of benefits tailored to meet your companies needs, and ultimately drive business growth.

HB Partnership Opportunities

Harlem Biennale will resonate throughout New York City bringing tremendous excitement and enthusiasm to the art world, the Harlem community, consumer audiences, and brands. HB's ongoing involvement with the community broadens the demographic normally reached by classic art events. Appealing to a more varied demographic allows sponsors to reach a broader audience.

Providing five levels of participation creates flexibility to meet your goals and marketing needs, at pre-events, major events or over the entire production. Contact for more information.

Susan Kirby                               Gerald Stanton
Managing Director                   Development Committee Head
Email | 917-977-0349               Email | 917-587-5726 

Harlem Biennale Advantage

Bringing visual and performance art to the widest audience possible through an evolving media and event strategy: from online experiences, to innovative exhibitions, preferred content, public forums, community platforms, street presence and exclusive events your brand will be:

  • Recognized as a trendsetter with the most recent biennale to open.
  • Participate in ongoing programming plus 9 spectacular days in the largest market in the U.S.
  • Associated with the new leader in art and community festivals, hosting A-list talent; artists, curators, art professionals and industry leaders.
  • Reach consumers, VIPs, industry and media, through brand integration, leverage opportunities, elite hospitality and community events.

Harlem Biennale Reach

  • Projected to attract a minimum of 180,000 visitors during the event
  • Reach through HB controlled social media and website estimated at 800,000
  • Slated to increase visitors and NY residents to Harlem not only during the event but also before and after.
  • Garnering thousands of impressions not only from festival attendees but millions more in media and press impressions means HB is not just a singular event, but also a global brand. In sharing our goals and audience we become a platform for sponsors to achieve key consumer and B2B marketing objectives that only a New York City based entertainment platform can offer, including:

  • Promotion
  • Online Value
  • Public Relations
  • Media Profile
  • Hospitality
  • Database Marketing
  • Relationship Reinforcement

Impact at all levels

As a sponsor of HB your brand will be viewed positively in the community, New York City and globally as:

  • A patron of the arts and supporter of cutting edge collaborations.
  • A supporter of innovative arts education in Harlem.
  • A preservationist of Harlem's historical and architectural legacy: 15% of HB's venue funding goes towards renovation of that specific landmark.
  • A generator of new jobs in Upper Manhattan.
  • A catalyst in bringing additional economic development to Upper Manhattan.

Community Partners

Past Sponsors + Supporters


Join HB Patrons and become part of a key circle of individuals who enjoy a close relationship with HB programs. Patrons provide invaluable support, helping to ensure the continued vitality of HB in years to come, while receiving exclusive, Patron-only benefits.

For more information contact:

Susan Kirby                               Gerald Stanton
Managing Director                   Development Committee Head
Email | 917-977-0349               Email | 917-587-5726