Exhibition June 25–July 9, 2014 at St Martin's Parish Hall

Daily practice encourages self-awareness of the everyday in all its manifestations, from our relationships, to our daily chores, our work and our bodies, minds and spirits. Being attentive to these daily details and routines connects us to each other, to time and to ourselves.

Not everyone views the concept of time in the same way. Some cultures don't even make time a part of their lives. Artists connect to daily practice and time in different ways. Daily Practice can manifest as effort and respite, concentration and flux, continuity and disturbance, and certainly the rhythms of repetition. These polarities and continuities are translated in the artists' work in this exhibition. Artists often submit their work and themselves to everyday constraints yet simultaneously produce their own interpretations of tempo; we are allowed to enter this experiential dimension through their work.


  • Capucine Bourcart

  • Ernie Bynum

  • Mariano Cinat

  • Linus Coraggio

  • Al Johnson

  • Burroughs Lamar

  • Socrates Marquez

  • Tomo Mori

  • James Rauchman

  • LeRone Wilson